Sleepy Hollow

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Garbage Day Parade

Christmas with the Carlson's  (to fuel our obsession)

The definition of white trash: barefoot, sleeveless dress in December, baby standing in doorway with just a diaper, watching the garbage truck and sanitation workers with a wet haired toddler.  We almost missed them.  Mid-diaper change we started to hear the grinding and moving mechanisms of the rolling viridian vehicle.  We almost forgot to applaud one of our favorite happenings of the week...Garbage day.  STOP EVERYTHING!!!  They will not wait.  We offer them our very own weekly ticker-tape parade.  Isaiah jumps up and down, yelling "the garbage truck, Mom."  Eli growls out his own excited car noises.  The friendly men pause briefly to wave and smile.  They don't seem to care if we look unprepared for this morning; they are just happy to be recognized and appreciated even if that appreciation comes from a three year old.  

It's hard for me not to see the resemblance to following Christ.  He calls and we must leave everything.  No time to carry around our pride, hate, or regrets.  There is only time to come.  In my heart, I hear God's shout, STOP EVERYTHING!!!  I don't have time to make myself pretty--to put on a veneer.  I only have time to follow.

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